Calling for Beta-Tester

After months of development I can finally call for beta-testers for the new iGate version (21.04.0-dev).

You can find the code in the github repository in the developer branch. Please feel free to create bug-tickets with the correct type.

What is new

  • a complete re-design of the iGate firmware.
  • automatic board detection!
  • redesigned the config file for simpler configuration.
  • simpler way of showing information on the OLED.
  • simpler handling from future tasks because of a task handler.
  • removed Digi mode as it will move into his own repository/project.

What is NOT new

  • no new features - from the user perspective everything should be the same like before.

What is tested and what is not tested

  • I tested the firmware on a simple TTGO LoRa32 v1 board.
  • maybe there are boards which will not work out of the box (Ethernet board will definitely not work I think).